Online Bingo Sessions

Will be announced on our facebook page.


Now you can play bingo in the comfort of your own home  or in the Clubhouse at Mullingar Rugby Club – and enjoy bingo the way you want to.

(min age for players is 18)

Collect your Bingo winnings now !

To arrange collection of your winnings  follow this link –

Claim on the night of your winnings and get payment as soon as possible.





Bingo players are supporting Mullingar Rugby Club

Follow this link to keep up to date with all that is happening at  Mullingar Rugby Club

Mullingar Rugby Club present MRFC BINGO – Wednesdays and Sundays at 6.30pm  AT MULLINGAR RUGBY CLUB and online AT HOME USING ZOOM

MRFC Bingo Bingo is just another safe and positive way to pass the time while confined to home

Please note all players must be 18 year of age or over to play in the Clubhouse.


 – 11 Bingo games including JACKPOT game all with prizes which is based on number of players 

Tickets can be bought online in advance and either emailed or posted to players

What will it cost you?

You get double sheets for each game – 11 a4 sheets showing 2 games per page. Price is €21 if you download and print yourself or €2 extra to have us print and arrange collection at an authorised retailer outlet in Mullingar.

Single sheets are available @€12 per sheet if sent by email and €2 postage and packing if we post or print and leave for collection.

How much can I win?

Prizemoney is determined before start of session and this depending on number of paying players – there is a 75% payout of ticket sales (excluding postage and packing).

What restrictions are there?

You must be over 18 to play online and players are restricted to addresses in Ireland.

You purchase your bingo sheets in advance unless playing in the Clubhouse, you can purchase sheets @ mrfcbingo.com – numbers are restricted for each session and when sold out they are sold out for that session.

You will be advised of the date and start time of your session and you must connect via ZOOM by start time, You will be sent a link via email and Whatsapp after purchase.

Now is a great time for the younger generation to help their mums, dads, grans and grandads play – as these younger people have an instant understanding of social media and can quickly help you play – and play themselves.

To play online You must be comfortable using ZOOM   Otherwise please do not play. If you play in groups in the one house -then only one player needs to be comfortable using ZOOM.  Checks are made on ZOOM, By unmuting yourself and shouting CHECK, You can use either a smartphone or combination of smartphone / desktop/laptop

If for any reason you cant be there for the bingo session – if your internet, service provider or your technology fails to connect you  or breaks down during the session, Refunds are limited and are at the callers discretion.

Full terms and conditions here – please read before purchasing tickets.






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