Covid-19 Guidelines and Compliance

As our clubhouse  starts to open under the HSE guidlines – those purchasing tickets to attend in the clubhouse  agree to comply with our terms below. You are required to read the requirements and guildlines below and accept these as terms and conditions of purchase of tickets to any of our Bingo Sessions.

Bingo sessions in Mulingar Rugby Club Clubhouse – Compliance requirements with HSE Covid-19 guidelines.


  • Bingo sessions in the Clubhouse will operate in compliance with HSE Covid-19 Guidelines.
  • The safety and protection of our players, volunteers and all other persons who use our Clubhouse is the driving force behind these guidelines requirements for events at the clubhouse. 
  • Each bingo session will be restricted in number to comply with HSE advice and Covid-19 regulations
  • Do not purchase tickets or attend any of our Bingo sessions if you do not fully accept and agree to comply with these guidelines.
  • Please read the screening questionnaire below before purchasing tickets online and if you answer “yes” to any of these questions – do not attend at our Clubhouse Session.
  • If you are feeling any way unwell please do not attend our Bingo Session.
  • Strict Social distancing limits the number of people now allowed enter the clubhouse  at any one time.
  • At present we are limiting the attendance of players in the hall to 50 players (this may vary according to changes in HSE recommendations)
  • All attendees must purchase their bingo sheets online in advance of the bingo session ( to ensure no cash handling on the night and to avoid queuing to purchase books).
  • There will be “No” admission at the door for our Bingo session.
  • Only those who have purchased their bingo books for that night will be allowed admittance to the bingo session in our clubhouse.  You will be required to show your Bingo Books in order gain admission.
  • Because of the restrictions on numbers – you may not bring anther person with you to bingo who has not purchased for that event.


To minimise anxiety in returning to bingo sessions we ask all attending to observe the following:

  • Sanitisers will be provided at entrances. Please use them as you enter the premises
  • Follow the internal layout and distancing marked on the floors and hallways.
  • Respiratory etiquette must be observed at all times.  
  • Those attending must follow the guidance of our support staff at all times and sit only in designated areas.
  • Seating will be assigned on arrival – from front to back – to minimise contact in passing in and out before bingo starts. Do not rearrange seats or move about once you have been shown your designated seat.
  • Designated entrances and exits will be in place.
  • Social distance should be maintained in the carpark and when gathering to enter the building
  • A daily schedule of sanitising the main hall, access areas and w.c. facilities has been put in place.
  • At the end of the bingo session – our staff will guide you – one row at a time to exit via the designated exit. Do not proceed to exit your seat until called upon by our support team.
  • If you need to leave early, get the attention of our of our support team, who will facilitate this for you.


Your responsibilities:-

Each and every individual themselves are responsible to protect yourself and others attending on the night. You should not attend Bingo if you say yes to any of the screening questions below.

You should not attend if you are aware of someone you have been in contact with has or is in the process of being tested for Covid-19. You should not attend if you are not complying with the HSE recommendations and advise – on an ongoing basis. You will ensure that from arrival at to departure from the Bingo session in our Clubhouse –  you will observe all HSE recommendations and the advise and guidance of our support team.



We will have a cleaning system in place in our W.C facilities where they will be cleaned before and after each bingo session –Access will be limited for emergency usage.  Should you need to use this facility you are responsible for cleaning this area after your visit and you should use the hand sanitisers outside the WC after your visit.

If you are already seated in the clubhouse  and wish to use the W.C. – please make yourself known to one of our bingo support team who will arrange a route for you to access the W.C. If there is a queue – please social distance while you wait.



Contact Tracing:

For contact tracing purposes there will be a record kept of all attendees at our Bingo Sessions – When you order online please ensure you give a contact number you can be reached on – should the HSE need to follow up in relation to Contact Tracing. It is a condition of purchasing tickets to our bingo events that you agree to the sharing of this information with authorised Contact Tracing personnel – for the purpose of Contract Tracing only.


Covid 19 Screening Questionnaire prior to returning to  Activities to ensure the Safety &

Health of all people interacting at our Clubhouse and Premises.


1. Have you visited any of the countries outside Ireland excluding Northern Ireland?

2. Are you suffering any flu like symptoms/symptoms of coronavirus covid-19?

3. Are you experiencing any difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath?

4. Are you experiencing any fever-like/Temperature symptoms?

5. Did you consult a Doctor or other medical practitioner within the last 14 days?

6. Have you been in contact with someone who has visited an affected region in the past 14 days?

7. Have you been around someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

8. Is a member of your household self-isolating?

9. Are you in a period of self-isolation and/or cocooning under the current Health Policy Rules?

10. Are you in a high-risk health category?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the questions above or have indicated to us that you have

symptoms of COVID19 you should not attend at any Bingo session until you

have received clearance from you GP.



Please do not buy tickets to our Bingo sessions if you do not accept and agree to above the above advise and requirements.

The MRFC Bingo Team.




Updated on 6th August 2020