You are supporting a Voluntary Community Organisation – Mullingar Rugby Football Club

MRFC Bingo  is run on a voluntary basis by the Bingo fundraising team at Mullingar Rugby Football Club. Our online bingo is run for the enjoyment of players and to generate 25% of income from each bingo session to directly go to support our club.. There is no intermediary so the remaining 75% of ticket sales income goes to the players at that bingo session. Each night this amount is divided equally across all six games and we declare at the start of each Online Bingo Session the prizes for 1 line, 2 lines and full panel in each of the 6 bingo games.

Important:  CLICK HERE TO READ :- Additional Terms and conditions applicable to those attending in person at Mullingar Rugby Club

Internet and Social Media Competence Requirements

Online bingo requires a level of competence – 

  • You must be comfortable with using Zoom– or be prepared to learn as you go along – accepting that this is a learning curve – or have someone who has this competence with you during the session.
  • You must be comfortable using Zoom to unmute yourself and call your check – notify the caller of our panel number or give feedback if requested – or have someone with you during the session with this competence

  • You will be added to a whatsapp group on the night which will also give you additional information regarding Bingo, you are required to stay in this group for the duration of Bingo as we use this to keep you updated if our link goes down.

You are free to choose to do all on a smartphone laptop or desktop computer and use your smartphone for whatsapp requirements – or have someone with you during the session who has this competence

  • You are responsible for ensuring your smartphone / laptop/ desktop and internet connection are fully functioning for the duration of the bingo session.

  • We are not responsible if you lose connection on Zoom – other than a failure of our session to remain live – due to technical reasons – in which case we will send a message on whatsapp as to postponing the rest of the session or advising recommencing as soon as technical issue is fixed on our end.

  • We reserve the right to move the session ( or the remaining unplayed section of this session) to another date – due to technical faults. You will be notified of same – if you are not available on that new date, you need to advise us by return and we will credit your purchase or credit you with books for another bingo session.

Buying your Bingo Sheets:-

  • www.facebook.com/MullingarRFCBingo/ –will be the official place to receive updates of when the next Bingo session is open for purchase of tickets and here you will find a link to the online bingo shop. https://mrfcbingo.com/

  • Purchase of books for a session to play at home is made on MRFC Bingo website https://mrfcbingo.com/  and payment is made at the same time. Books are also available for purchase in the Rugby Club. Books become invalid if not played for the intended Bingo session, if you are unable to play your books on the night please inform us prior to Bingo and we will credit your purchase or credit you books for another session.

  • You are required to “tick” at time of placing your first order – your  confirmation that  you accept all terms, conditions, rules and information contained here. This indicates your agreement to accept these terms and conditions and any future changes to them which are always available on this website. Do not proceed to purchase if you do not agree with any of this content. By clicking to accept –  you are confirming your acceptance of all information, terms, conditions and rules included here.

  • Once you make your payment and it is validated -you will receive an email to the email address supplied by you – confirming your payment and your order.  You will receive your books shortly there after and all books will be sent before 6pm on the night of play. Sales close at 6.10pm on the night of Bingo

  • You will receive a Zoom link on your email and this will also be available in the Whatsapp group created for each Bingo session.

    Costs to you, and what you get.

  • Ticket prices are shown on our website at time of purchase.

  • You are purchasing  either A) a double book with 11 games and 12 panels on each page. or B) a single book with 11 games and 6 panels on each page, both books include a Jackpot sheet.  

  • Each of the  11 games have prizemoney for 1 line, 2 lines and a panel. The value of this prizemoney at each bingo session is set out by the caller depending on number of players.

  • If you choose to have your sheets sent via email – we will send you an email with a pdf of your unique sheets for that particular session. You need to print these out in good time before the session. It is solely your responsibility to print out your bingo sheets in time. It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to a printer that will print each panel clearly. 

  • Books can also be posted and postal orders close at 3pm Monday for Wednesday nights Bingo and 3pm Thursday for Sunday nights Bingo. There is €2.00 charge for posting that you select at time of purchase if you require books to be posted.
  • If you choose to have your bingo sheets sent by post, you should order early, we do not accept responsibility for any delays by An Post in getting your sheets to you, or if they deliver to an incorrect address. We strongly recommend ensuring your Eircode is included in your address when ordering your bingo sheets.
  • We are a traditional Bingo we DO NOT KNOW in advance what player or book will check on the night so you MUST PLAY YOUR BOOK on the night to know if you are a winner. Please do not purchase books if you do not intend to play on the night.


How is a winner decided?

  • As soon as you have a check you unmute yourself and call check. You have 8.5 seconds between calls.

  • You will be asked by the caller on the night to enter the panel number, the caller will enter this into our Bingo software and if it is a valid check the caller will let you know.

  • It you fail to check in time and check on the next number and no one else checks on that number you will receive the check, however if you miss a check and fail to check in time the person that checks on the called number will receive the check. It is your responsibility to check in the allotted time.  

  • Once a prize is awarded – we move on to the next prize

  • If you have made a check and caller has not stopped play you must make them aware you have a check. It is your responsibility to make sure you have unmuted correctly and made the caller aware you have a check.

  • You are permitted to unmute yourself while waiting for your number if there is no background noise if it is too noise while you are unmuted the caller will remute you.
  • Do not call us on the whatsapp number – it will not be answered during live bingo sessions this is reserved only to notify players of information

  • Important –  Winning Checks will be reviewed after bingo – and are subject to scrutiny. Our bingo system keeps a record of numbers called and the sequence of these calls. We keep records of all sheets and panel numbers issued to each player – if there is any discrepancy between the panel code for the week, the sheet numbers claimed V the sheet numbers issued and the person to whom the sheets were issued to and the person claiming, or something missed by the caller- or any combination of these  – MRFC Bingo reserves the right not to make a payment or to withhold a payment or award this game ( or part thereof) to a different player(s) or withdraw the winnings altogether. ( in which case winnings will be donated to Mullingar Rugby Club  In this light when the bingo caller calls check or awards a prize to a player  – this prize or award is always awarded subject to verification after the bingo by our scrutineers and their decision  takes precedent over any notification called during the bingo.  It is a condition of playing that you accept these terms which includes the overriding authority of the scrutineers – after a bingo session . This rule is to allow for correction of human error and to ensure there is no unauthorized sheets used during our bingo sessions. 
  • The sheets issued for a specific bingo session  – are not valid to use at any other bingo session.

Privacy and your personal information

  • You agree to your information shared with us will be shared with other players in the whatsapp group and any other personal details you share there will be seen by all players in the group. Please do not play if you do not wish this to happen.
  • You will receive information from time to time regarding our bingo or MRFC Bingo activities via your contact details on whatsapp.

  • If you wish to discontinue receiving information please let us know via whatsapp with message “Bingo supporter request to cease contact”.

  • You are required to follow the instructions of the caller at all times, failure to abide these requests will automatically disqualify you from the rest of the session – and if you check – you will not be eligible for the prize money.
  • Other Rules
  • All players in games offering prizemoney must be 18 years of age or older.

  • To claim your winnings please use the claim your winnings tab on our Homepage. You only need to do this ONCE we store your details securely via Banking online.

  • Regular bingo rules will apply, no abusive behavior or bad conduct towards the caller or bingo staff will be tolerated, offending players will be banned.

  • Your patience is important there will be gaps for checks and you must facilitate that.

  • We can not be responsible for your poor internet connection or technology issues that are not on our end, if you generally experience bad internet connection or live in an area with poor service we ask you not to play.

  • Play will be stopped for valid reasons, if our connection falters or you missed a number please let us know, glitches and kinks will happen.

  • Winners get paid by bank transfer –  you must complete cliam form on our homepage 
  •  Once a bingo session is over – you are free to claim your winnings our vouchers via the forms on our website homepage.
  • If for some reason more than one player has the same panel number due to human error – you play on – we will split the check and credit you with a free book for another session. This will happen occasionally and you have to accept this rule
  • A dispute or claim must be made within 24 hours of end of the particular bingo session. Your failure to raise the matter within that period of time  automatically exempts you from having a claim processed or considered.
  • We may introduce additional games from time to time and each of these will clearly state the prizes and terms.
  •  Jackpot game for full panel within 44 calls. Tee rolling jackpot will increase  by 50 euros per bingo session until won. Jackpot starts again at 2000 euros.  Prizemoney for 1 2 and 3 lines in this game will be announced before start of this game (which will be paid out if jackpot not won in 44 calls or less in that bingo session.). We reserve the right increase or decrease prize values based on the number of players.
  • We are volunteers – every member of the bingo team is a volunteer we are few in number and we take on a lot to ensure the bingo runs smoothly. We do our best, we are human and we do make mistakes. We ask that all players respect that we are volunteers and as part of our terms and conditions you accept that there will be errors  – from time to time – – unintentional on our part – but due to our human frailties – we will make mistakes – We will do our best to rectify these as best we can within these terms and conditions – All we ask is that you show us courtesy and respect in relation to any such matters and where possible that you notify us in good time, to help us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation and support it is much appreciated.

  • Do not purchase a bingo session ticket – if you do not accept the above rules, terms and conditions and guidance advise


Above information will be updated from time to time. Please check back from time to time to view current information

Version 1.00 dated 6th August 2020